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NextGen Futures welcomes DMS UK to the team!

Nextgen Futures is excited to announce our collaboration with Digital Media Services UK (DMS)

DMS are an end-to-end digital media agency. Their people, technology and insights help global media and entertainment, sports and lifestyle brands create, manage, localise, distribute and place their content, and evaluate its media reach.

DMS are a vibrant, engaged, talent-driven agency where their staff feel empowered, where ideas are encouraged and where outstanding work is rewarded. They nurture bright, passionate people who are innovative and creative in their thinking and ambitious and brave in everything they do.

We look forward to working with DMS during our boot camp this summer and can’t wait to see the project brief being created by our next group of participants.

If you’re looking to get your foot in the door into the creative industry, NextGen Futures is the right place for you! Hit the ‘Apply’ section of our website and register your interest today. Applications for this free programme will be starting towards Easter so keep an eye on our website for further updates.

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